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Practice areas

Practice Areas

Dallas County Courthouse 
(across the street from our office)

General Practice

As a general practitioner I handle many types of issues individuals may face. I can generally recommend other council for matters I do not handle.


Polk County Courthouse 

Family law

Heart wrenching and stressful issues can arise in divorce, custody, child support, paternity, adoption and guardianship matters. I work for my client to steer these issues to fair, quick and efficient resolutions, but if the best interests of my client so requires, I do litigate these matters through trial with zeal.
Hickory County Courthouse 

Probate Avoidance, Probate and Guardianships

Every individual or couple’s situation is different, but prior planning can help establish framework to both facilitate the care of persons who might become seriously ill or incompetent during their lifetime and provide for their financial administration, easing the burden of family and/or caretakers. Effective planning can minimize cost of, and simplify the distribution of, assets on death as well as minimize stress among survivors. I consult with clients to explain the options available to them and how these options might fit into their particular circumstances.
I also assist clients in probating decedent’s estates and obtaining guardianships and conservatorships where necessary.  
I have represented all of the elected public administrators in Dallas County since 1988. 

Criminal law

Individuals accused of felony or misdemeanor criminal, drug or traffic offenses need effective defense to protect and enforce their presumption of innocence or, as the case may be, to obtain reasonable adjustment to minimize the damage caused by unfortunate situations. My goal is to competently and effectively represent and assist my clients in these matters.
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